“’Heaven to a Speck’, a Publicization Finale”

What follows is what I promised I would post on “(WP) on March 10th, 2013”. Sorry for the delay. Enjoy it!!!

First of all, I must reiterate my apology for publishing this post at a later date than promised.
I must thank all of those who have visited and enjoyed these pages, starting the spring of 2012.
And finally for the Pièce de résistance of this post. As I promised back in January concerning this Final Post, “my Publicity campaign for this book finishes when that Post is published on (WP)”: it “is supposed to be mainly a well-prepared Invitation for International Communications between supposed Fans and the Author. Thus, this (WP) Publicization Blog will be declared OPEN to all incoming emails bearing comments, criticisms, or any other material”.
That final paragraph pinpoints the basic purpose of this post as being an “Invitation for International Communications between supposed Fans and the Author”.

I Hope you enjoyed reading it.

Spiritual Excerpts: Part 3/3

What follows is what I promised I would post on “(WP) on February 24th, 2013”.
Chapter III.2. (Quotes 19-20)

19. Sam (says) …
“You should never, ever swear at anything, because what you take to be a curse may be a blessing, what you take to be earthy premises may be heavenly promises, and what you take to be earth may just as well be heaven!!!”
“Catherine! Oh, Catherine! The Wisest of all men never curses anything, always blesses everything since he very well knows that as he curses, and blesses anything, he would be cursing, and blessing himself.”
“Look at what has happened to you. If that is the doing of The Wise Spirit, you cannot curse It as It lies in your Heart; if It is the doing of Evil, it will be your duty to give back to that Evil Its Essence That It does know about, The Sacred Spirit.”
“Catherine! Oh, Catherine! The Wisest of all men has his Life occupied by Religious Stares, inasmuch as he is preoccupied with building Heavenly Stairs: out of the unfortunate Sadness of His Blunders, Ethereal steps His Ethical Perfection Surrenders, and then more treads all the way up to The Heaven of The wise Spirit and beyond. The Wisest of all men would adore the obstacles that lie in his path, never shunning them. As he adores them, he will overcome them.”
“How can a man lift a rock that stands in his way unless he kneels before it as if in prayer, adoringly embracing it with his arms, and then heaves it? He who shuns the rock shuns the road. That is how a free man exhibits, exerts Slavery.”
“Oh, Catherine! The Wisest of all men is a free man who tells about Slavery. For, ‘unless you discover things in your Heart, nobody can reveal them to you!!’ Yesterday, when you were still in the firm grip of prostitution, you hankered after, craved, yearned for Freedom, and were Free accordingly even when you were enslaved. Today, you are Free through The Wise Spirit. You knew about Freedom even when you were a Slave. Now, I want you to eye Slavery as you are Free.’
“Enslaved to your own mistakes, you are The Master of Light, enslaved to Light, you are The Master of Darkness.”
“What you had held in your hands, just a few minutes ago, is, was, will always be your Spiritual Altar, though, at the time, you did know it, or did you!!??”

20. A sudden look up at Catherine’s face shows him that her eyes are shining strangely, in a way that, to him, was unprecedented. Then, as if he had suddenly made an important discovery, he vividly continues:
– “If the answer is ‘a Yes’, it means that you are already home. It means that have already unearthed that ‘Inner Sanctum’, that, when attained in this nether life, will render all trifles greatest than The Greatest, and will give you Heaven to live in, while you are still tarrying on Earth!!”
“It means that you are now in that ‘Land, no, you are that land, That is unmatched in Its Beauty, reputed for Its remoteness, yet is One that holds dearly Darkness, and brings yonder here!!”

I Hope you enjoyed reading it.
The next Post, “the Concluding Part to this Publicization Blog”, will be published on March 10th, 2013.

“Spiritual Excerpts: Part 2/3”

What follows is what I promised I would post on “(WP) on February 10th, 2013”.
Chapter I.4. (Quotes 3-9)

Sam… “contemplates nowhere, and nothing around him”, as had been his habit…
3. “I have come here today,” he begins to say with a tender and sweet voice, “to tell you I have never ever been here at all!!”

Sam adds:
4. “Never ever have I been here, for more than ten years now, here, or anywhere else for that matter, AT ALL!!”

5. “Let those, among you, who feel enchanted by these amazing words, know that they are the simple Utterances of my Silence!!”
“My Holy Silence that recovered… in addition to its self-consciousness, its long-forsaken habit of whispering to The Universe, that It may simply hear Itself everywhere in It!”
“Upon considering the fact that ‘every word is a treachery until Silence, the Herald of Virtue, Speaks, an incident at which It becomes Self-Edifying’, I came to realize just about a week ago, that more than a whole decade of my life, away from home, had been a horribly terrible betrayal of my homeland, that is to be found ‘nowhere and everywhere’ in The Universe, in ‘The Weakest, The Strongest in me, my own earthly Entrance’ into both Heaven and Hell, yet, equally, ‘what most human beings deem to be The Weakest in their human nature, that is precisely responsible for The Sublimest, The Strongest of their feelings, thoughts, sayings, and actions:
… a Tear!!!”

6. “…To add to the strangeness of the situation, especially for me, that is the fact that ‘I was no longer honest, or rather, put in other words, that the Literary, writing Advocate of Ethical and Spiritual Values that everybody takes me to be, does not apply These same Values to his own Life’ was revealed to me, about a week ago, by someone who has been making millions of Dollars out of my own Literary career for years now, but oddly enough, had not believed, during all of this period, that my books, even my writing Life, meant anything at all!!!”
“And suddenly, I was faced with the fact that he may be right after all: ‘for more than ten years now, I have not been alive!!”
“In fact, this is what this whole press conference is all about: to declare to The World that I no longer live in my Heart!!”
“Because I no longer am living in my Heart, ‘the whole, wide, outer UmWelt has vanished as if It did not start’, ‘my own, Invisible, Inner EigenWelt, surrounding a Tear, that had once begotten The Cosmos, is no longer my life, the highest form of my Art’, and ‘never ever have I been here, for more than ten years now, here, or anywhere else’ since that split second in my past where my Literature with my Spiritual Life did part!!’”
“Since I was just a teenager, who became a literary giant, in a few years, and had firmly believed in his Heart that ‘all words are differences that would render a non-angel’s conversation a mere subtraction of The Spirit, an Angel’s, a Summation’, I had made it my now lost habit of ‘cloaking myself in Silence, that I may be able to cover the whole English-speaking world with a Cloak of Quintessential Words, the Quintessence of which is valued at millions of Dollars’! And, because, my homeland, ‘The Paradise of Feelings and Thoughts out of which I pluck The Ideas featured in my books’ is an ‘Ethereal Abode that is out of this World, yet in It’, ‘The Invisible World of Angels, Prophets, Saints, and Mystics’, has been so rudely insulted in my presence, by the person and under the circumstances mentioned before, I decided that this World, your so-called Material World is …… no longer my World, mine to live in, and am thus concluding by announcing that I am about to retire from It!!”

7. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” !
“My treasured home, has never ever been here, for more than ten years now, here, or anywhere else for that matter, AT ALL!!’
“Mine is in a Tear, in a snow-covered house back home in New York, where all the riches of the Universe would mellow into the most beautiful, yet indescribable Halo of Luminous Poverty!!”
“As it is back there that my Heart still lives, going back to it is only fair!!”
“Observe The Tear in your Heart, without which The World is not there!!”

Announcing the event among those of that day, a C.N.N. news broadcaster says:
8. “In a breathtaking press conference held today, in Los Angeles, California, Hollywood screenwriting legend, Sam ‘Light Kid’ Siegel, after presenting an astoundingly enchanting Introduction to his main announcement, went on to declare that he was going to head back to his native City of New York. …!!!”

Only the broadcaster’s voice is still heard. The screen, however, is occupied by an exotic, incredible scene of one of the reporters, who had been present at the press conference, and who was now, apparently undisturbed, but much to the terror of his colleagues, floating in the air of the large hall!!!
9. “…, he ended it, by demonstrating that the Paranormal Phenomena for which his literature was renowned was not completely fictional: ‘Somebody once said that All art is quite useless ,’ he announced as a finale, ‘I couldn’t agree with him any more than my representation of an ankh does, as Life is of Spiritually-Quintessential Usefulness, at least for me: Telekinesis can be as real as the air you are now breathing, or as unreal!! It is up to you to choose! Or, is it??!!’”
“And, then,” added the reporter, whose tone of voice became all of a sudden impregnated with amazed awe, “just as if making use of an invisible Magic Wand, he, …, …… well, he made our fellow reporter, shown in this video, shot right on the spot, fly all over the hall!!!!….”

I Hope you enjoyed reading it.
The next Identical Post will be published on February 24th, 2013.
Sam StarGazer (pen-name)

Spiritual Excerpts: Part 1/3{Sorry, it is Late}”

Hello again
What was promised to be posted on “(WP) on January 27th, 2013” is what follows. Sorry for the delay. Enjoy it!!!
Chapter I.2. (Quotes 1-2)

Sam answers…:

1. “…Life perpetually creates and re-creates Literature, and never ever the other way around.”
“It may be this very concept that most literary critics considered to be ‘unusually eccentric’, at the time it began to be publicly discussed, about ten years ago, and that most of the millions of readers, whose estrangement to their own previous lives had been eliminated by what they were reading, have been astonishingly admiring, that had probably had the most practical influence on the lives of the reading public that were fascinated by the notion that ‘Literature was the offspring rather than the author of Life’, and that, eventually, in spite of the carping of literary critics, immensely contributed to my Literary success, and the hallmarking of my entire Literary crop.”
“In addition to the mentioned concept, I actually set forth in my writings the only state, the only condition, the only prerequisite that I considered will allow it to exist: Man’s Mastery over Oneself!!”
“‘Firstly,’ I argued many times in my books, ‘one must suppress oneself stubbornly. Only then will one rise with ease to The Highest Ethical Perfection possible in this Material World!!’”
“So, only when, and only if The Enlightened Spirit takes control of a man’s whole being, will even his body, merely being the earthy vessel of The Former, come to experience, express, and assume Its Ethereal Master, ‘the only bird that uplifts its cage’ . ‘The Spirit takes flight to the sky’, and, as It does so, will endow the flesh with sensations the likes of which no human has ever experienced or will ever experience, and with Truth concerning its own earthy Nature, and That of all other Universal items!!”
“So, only A Man’s Wisely Enlightened Spirit, being his Atman, ‘the Divine breath left to live within the Human Psyche’, will provide him, when he unearths It, with his own ‘True yet long-lost, Heavenly Identity’, and thus with ‘Mastery over his own flesh’, and probably over other Universal items!!”

“Unless you discover things in your Heart, nobody can reveal them to you!!”
“And through a Tear, I had been hoping for six dry years now, that that Secret would suddenly pop up in your Heart, as if out of nowhere, out of nowhere create a Universe.”
“And that would happen only when you had already come to know ‘who The True Master is’, that ‘when you have overcome yourself, there will be nothing left for you to conquer but The Whole Universe’
“A glass of water, this glass of water (Sam raises his hand, holding his drinking glass, before Harry’s astonished eyes) can be my Master, your Master’s Master, so can a flower, any flower ( he points at the flowery ground around them), so can you, ‘a thinking reed’, ‘Light in the shadows, Shadows from The Light’, ‘a Spirit whose life has no beginning and no end’, who, ‘as lonely and frail as these flowers in the world of man are, that shadow may feel, every now and then, however, that it has, within the limited texture of its human nature the only power that serve to make man Master of the Universe.”

Sam … concludes:
2. “You see, my friend, I do not want to wake up one day, look back at my life, and suddenly find out I had nothing to do with it for a whole lifetime, it had never ever been my creation, I have never ever been the author thereof!!!!”

I Hope you enjoyed reading it.
The next Identical Post will be published on February 10th, 2013.
Sam StarGazer (pen-name)

“Hello, Dearest Readers: my Selling Website is finally Up & Running”

Hello again
To all of my reading-avid, kind booklovers!!
I am sorry to have kept you waiting for such a long time, as my last Post in this blog was published on April 29th, 2012.
However, my once promised Selling Website has been set up on January 3rd, 2013. So, what I promised you will happen finally has.
My publisher, “Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency”, http://sbpra.com/  has created the following website http://sbpra.com/SamStarGazer/, currently ready, and I quote, “to take pre-orders for the Work”, @ “the prerelease price” of “$11.97”.
In addition to the above, this Website features numerous important sections concerning this Novella, once declared a Novelette. Among them are the sections “About the Book” (pasted below), “About the Author” [including a recent Photographic representation of me]. This Webpage also contains the way to contact me through my Publisher.
For my concerned, really enthusiastic readers, two Gifts are offered herein.
The first is the Section “About the Book” pasted below, off my Website, where you can purchase this 92-page or so, small book, with the Spirit-Deep, publicized content.
“Locating “Man’s Mastery over Himself” at the center of a Real yet Metaphysical World where Telekinesis, Clairvoyance, and other kinds of ESP are highly accessible, this Book is an invitation for you to find It. Paving the way for this ‘Mastery’ are a set of Philosophical (Mystical), & Religious Principles, that are developed alongside the progression of the Storyline. It is, apparently, about the homecoming of an American, famous Screenwriter, going back to his native New York City, and leaving Hollywood behind him. In its Essence, it is a Journey of a Human Heart seeking to rediscover its lost Roots.”
The Second is to tell you what the four following posts in this blog are to include:
1. Post 5, expected to be posted on (WP) on January 27th, 2013, is titled “Spiritual Excerpts. Part 1/3”. Being especially for the readers who, as Sympathizing feelers, sense that the first two Posts in this Blog (Intro 1 & 2), bear any kind of Literary/Spiritual Meaning to them, it is a collection of exceptional Excerpts, Spiritual quotations from the book. In it, they belong to a Section just beneath the back-cover page, also titled “Spiritual Excerpts”.
2. Post 6, expected to be posted on (WP) on February 10th, 2013, is titled “Spiritual Excerpts. Part 2/3”. Its contents are described above.
3. Post 7, expected to be posted on (WP) on February 24th, 2013, is titled “Spiritual Excerpts. Part 3/3”. Its contents are described above.
4. Post 8, being the Concluding Part to this Publicization Blog is yet to be outlined; however, my Publicity campaign for this book finishes when that Post is published on (WP), an event expected to occur on March 10th, 2013. The Post is supposed to be mainly a well-prepared Invitation for International Communications between supposed Fans and the Author. Thus, this (WP) Publicization Blog will be declared OPEN to all incoming emails bearing comments, criticisms, or any other material.

In fine, a few remarks are made here to end this post.
I. “Mystical Romanticism”, as sketched out briefly in the first two Posts, “Intro-1 & -2”, is introduced, as Complete Books Parts [Short & Long], in Posts Five to Seven. They will be here (ONLINE), a further illustration of that self-labeled School of Thought.
II. This Publicization Blog, with all its Posts, will be futurely shared, in its entirety with other, online ‘Author Platforms’, like www.facebook.com, where I already have an account. They will witness a similar activity to promote this book.
III. All the Future Posting Dates, of Posts 5 to 8, numbered above, are subject to alteration, when & if extraordinary circumstances compel me to do so: if that happens, @ the appointed Posting date(s), an apology will be posted instead.
IV. Many other Blogs are being prepared for (WP) Publication, futurely. They include (as Subjects/Themes) ‘(publicity blogs for) online tutorials’ (on various Academic Fields), ‘Americanism’, & ‘Lebanese Papers’, to mention but a few.

Hoping to hear from you soon,
Sam StarGazer (pen-name)

“’Post Writing Deferred till Further Notice”

Hello again!!

As I was expected to publish on April 29th, the once promised post called “Novelette Purchasing Information in detail”, I regretfully have to inform you, that, due to the fact that my publisher will not be able to create a functioning website before, and I quote, “2-3 weeks” from the vaguely defined now, this once promised publication will be deferred till further notice!!

So, sparing you the dull details, this author wishes, compelled as he is to put off momentarily the completion of the Posts of this Blog, to inform his concerned readers of the reasons for his doing so!!

In fine, in a nutshell, once my website is established, you will be the first to know; evidently, I will by then resume writing my once interrupted Posts, starting with the one I promised you I would write last Sunday, the blog called “Novelette Purchasing Information in detail”!!!

I estimate that the Website Creation will take place sometime at the very end of May 2012!! Remember that this is merely an estimate!!

So until then I wish you the best of luck!!

Hoping to come back to these pages soon,

Sam StarGazer (pen-name)

‘Heaven to a Speck’, an intro-2

Hello again

To all of my reading-avid, kind booklovers!!

If you have come back to read this Introduction once again, it means that you were, one way or the other, touched by the first part of it!

Rest assured that more than a thousand A4 pages in English, expressing my ideas, feelings, & hopes, spanning more than twenty years of active Anglophone writing, will, one day or the other, follow my first book–scheduled for publication in the forthcoming summer-to the printing press!!

But for the time being, however, I want to refresh your collective memories as to the question I asked all of you at the very onset of my first blog, has “any of you, thousands, millions, or even hundreds of millions… felt … Heaven before, ‘Heaven as something encompassing, yet containing Matter, much in the way The Wise Spirit defines yet is not defined by Matter”??!!

The theme of that previously asked question, identified by me as ‘Spirituality vs. Matter’[1], is discussed lengthily in my soon-to-be-published book that I am seeking to publicize through this Blog Post.

And, whether that question has or has not alienated you to this new author (who happens to be a published Poet in the U.S.A., since 2003), and, before you answer it, let me save you the trouble of replying to it by establishing the three aims of this introductory text, “Heaven to a Speck, an Intro-1 & -2, as follows:

  1. [For the GENERAL AUDIENCE:] Announcing myself to the International Public, and wishing to find that, as I hope, my Philosophy, ‘Mystical Romanticism’, now that I am about to have my first book released, has helped people getting a better appreciation of ‘The Eden that God has put since Eternity into each of our Hearts’.
  2. [For the INTERESTED READERS:] Announcing the imminent publication of my Novelette to the World, and hoping to get any kind of feedback from them, prior to, during, and after the publication date, estimated to be at the beginning of the summer of 2012. For interested readers, the Novelette is called “The Most Perfect Christmas”. It is the first part of a seven-part Novel called “Heaven to a Speck”. Captions from the Novelette are being prepared for ‘public display’, which will probably be made on numerous ‘Author Platforms’, including, but surely not limited to, this one (WP).
  3. [For the REALLY, REALLY INTERESTED READERS, or quasi-fans:] Announcing that regardless of the fact that the Novelette-to-be-published is the first out of 30, yes, thirty volumes, (by the same author) that are currently available for publication in my own electronic database, I have a Spiritual message to hand over to you, one especially designed to offset particularly the Dramatic effects of the Behavior of a harmful, envious Society: NEVER EVER GIVE UP BEING WHAT YOU ARE. The Reason for its delivery is that all of the Creative, Literary, Linguistical, & Scientific Fecundity of the author of the lines you are reading, as briefly portrayed before your eyes in this short introduction, did not prevent the backward society to which I am currently forced to belong, from PERSECUTING, TORMENTING, & even ELIMINATING my own Life away, till my Life was more like Death than Life-like!!

Next Sunday, April 29th, if all goes according to my plan, my third Post in this Blog, will introduce really interested readers to all currently available information on “The Publisher” of my book, & Publishing Related Matters. That post is called, “Novelette Purchasing Information in detail”.

N.B: if, for any reason, the blog is not published on that date, then I expect it to be posted soon afterwards. It is more than half written; however, matters of communication between me & the publisher may (or may not) prevent me from posting it on the 29th.

Hoping to hear from you soon,


[1] The author wishes to apologize for the three occurrences of the word ‘Matter’: I do not like to repeat terms in my written texts. However, there are, specifically with respect to the meaning I wish to use the expression in, within the English Language, no acceptable synonyms of it, especially semantically akin to it.

‘Heaven to a Speck’, an intro-1


Hello, all of you enthusiastic readers out there!!

I wonder whether any of you, thousands, millions, or even hundreds of millions…, has felt … Heaven before, “Heaven as something encompassing, yet containing Matter, much in the way The Wise Spirit defines yet is not defined by Matter”!!

“Well, I have!! Big time!”

And in my first book, to be published in the summer of 2012, off from U.S. soil, is embedded the ‘way’, or ‘Tao’ that will illustrate how ‘Spiritually-yearning Hearts’ can do just that, ‘reaching (for) Heaven on Earth’!!

For people whose Literary interests have been kindled by this short introduction, and who would like to know more about the author and his discussed book, please read, my forthcoming blog, “’Heaven to a Speck’, an intro(2)”.

Thank you for your interest,